The Columns Museum - The Schocopee Schoolhouse

The little red schoolhouse of the Pike County Historical Society is currently located about ½ mile away from The Columns in Apple Valley Village on Route 6.

This historic structure, the Schocopee Schoolhouse, was originally constructed in the late 1850's just "out of town" on Schocopee Road. It served as a one-room school until 1907, when it was replaced by the new, "modern," school in Milford.

The structure later served as a meeting and voting place for the community; it witnessed Governor Gifford Pinchot casting his vote in many local elections.

The Columns Museum - The Schocopee Schoolhouse

The Columns Museum - The Schocopee Schoolhouse

During the mid-1970's, the schoolhouse was disassembled, then reconstructed on its present site - near the Apple Valley Retaurant.

It still houses the original wood stove which heated the structure during the winter, the original teacher's desk, primitive blackboards common during the late 19th century, some antique textbooks, several kinds of student desks, and a 36 star American flag - used after 1865 when Nevada became a state.

The original outhouse, used by the students, still stands behind the school building today.

Preserved and maintained by the Society, the Schocopee Schoolhouse is open to the public on weekends during the summer season, staffed primarily by community volunteers coordinated by the staff at Apple Valley.