Cross Current Guide Service | Great Fishing on the Delaware

Join expert guide Joe Demalderis for catch & release fly fishing on the Main Stem, West Branch and East Branch of the Upper Delaware River - said by many to be the best wild trout fishery in the east.

When Orvis ranks you as the top fly fishing guide of the year, you know you're in the company of the best.

With the Delaware River so close to home - under 3 hours from NYC - there's no reason not to learn the various techniques for drift boat and wade fishing.

You'll be thrilled by the brown and rainbow trout that are becoming quite abundant in the Upper Delaware River area. If you're looking for a real fighter, the foot-long small mouth bass are pure muscle.

Captain Joe and Jim "Coz" are true sportsmen, who can teach teach you plenty - even if you thought you knew it all.

Cross Current Guide Service

If the waters of Pennsylvania are a little too close to home, try the expedition to Patagonia (yes, Argentina) and Chile they conduct every February. The area is majestic and relatively unspoiled - and February is summer in South America.

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