Rejuvenation by a Mountain Lake

The divine silence here is unbroken, no phones, not even pets; life at Mountain Springs Lake Resort is what a holiday should be; absolute relaxation by a mountain lakeside, with all the perks of your favorite past times within hand's reach.Do everything: fish, hike, ski, read; or do nothing, just stretch out in tune with nature.The hospitality tradition is a half century old and retains all the warmth of good food and great service.You can even choose your scenic views from your porch; take a slice of the stoic woods, the breezy lake or a mountain setting.

Mountain Springs Lake Resort

Mountain Springs Lake Resort

This property is the work of generations, and hospitality is a family tradition with them. Jack Rader and Marjorie Rader now have the third generation also involved in making this exquisite nature-blessed haven of silence in Pocono Mountains, a place to relax and unwind.

One runs out of adjectives to describe the location of the Mountain Springs Lake Resort. History has it on record on how a twelve year old Jack discovered this jewel of a lake on the mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania while hiking with a friend. The huge spread of the spring-fed lake and its spectacular scenery atop Big Pocono captivated Jack and led him to establish the resort on 325 acres around the lake some years later.

The lake shore is as long as about a mile and the cottages on the resort are planned around the views. Take a look at the view here

There isn't a single cottage that can claim a lesser view of the magnificent scenery; each one opens its windows to a view of the lake, woods or mountains. So if you ever have dreamed of watching the deer in the woods or just watching sunset reflected on the still lake waters, here is your place to get that wish fulfilled. You could sit out on the wooden porch in the warmth of daylight or the gas-log fed stone fire place in colder climes, reading or may be just snoozing. Feel the stress drain out from each muscle in your body just listening in the glorious silence. If you are into meditation, grab the chance to do it by the lake; or just take deep breathes walking at your pace along the country roads that wind round the place.

The cottages could be log cabins surrounded by the woods, the economical three-seasons cottages with complimentary row boats or cottage suites with the ultimate in luxury and seclusion. The décor is tasteful, with modern conveniences and a full kitchen complete with grills and all necessary utensils. Alternatively, take a look at the various menus on offer.

If relaxing doesn't mean stretching out on the porch to you, you have a lot of choices in outdoor activities either just around or just ahead.

Fishing is obvious past time at a lake resort. So is hiking, as the Pocono abounds in nature trails. Boating is an undiluted pleasure here. Alternately take a mountain bike and feel your adrenalin rise on the Appalachian Trail. The glorious abundance of water around provides for white water rafting and other adventure sports on the Delaware River.

The Niagara of Pennsylvania or the Bushkill Falls is near by when you get tired of still waters,

With so much bare sky above you, sky diving is another thrill you can take on at Mountain Lake resort. You could try it here

Horseback riding is so naturally Pocono, and something you can enjoy thoroughly in a single or group activity. Horseback Riding

If the season is right, you could also ski or golf to your heart's content.

The resort isn't just a holiday destination; it could be your ideal and most private romantic or corporate getaway too. Apart from the divine well appointed stay options, the wedding venue is straight out of a picture. Imagine apple trees and oaks in a canopy over your head and a little stream gurgles by in the background. Your scared vows have the mountain lake, an odd visitor from the wilderness in witness in addition to your own guests. Possible? Yes, immensely so, at Mountain Lake Spring Resort. You have all sorts of added-on value services too when you make the resort your wedding venue. Check them out here and while you are there take a look at the awesome wedding menus the chef has in store.

Whether with family, that special person in your life or your corporate honcho group, this place is a superior choice for that break from routine.


Mountain Springs Lake Resort

Mountain Springs Drive PO Box 297
Reeders, Pennsylvania 18352
(570) 629-0251

Mountain Springs Lake Resort
Mountain Springs Drive
Reeders, PA 18352
(570) 629-0251