Zoos and Animal Parks

A short stop at one of our local animal parks is the perfect way to get an up-close look at local and not-so-local animals.

These Parks also serve as a sanctuary or refuge for wild animals that have been neglected or mistreated by their previous owners. Several of the Animals enjoy celebrity status and have been on TV shows such as the NBC Today show and others.

You'll be amazed at how friendly the animals are. These private zoos consider their animals to be part of their family, and the love given these creatures has made them happy and very personable.

So, whether it's Anacondas or Alligators, Tigers or Turtles, or just curious little Monkeys, you'll be astounded by the selection and care given to these wonderful animals.

Pocono Zoos and Animal Parks

Zoos and Animal Parks in the Poconos of Northeast PennsylvaniaPocono Snake and Animal Farm

Refereed to as "the Great Little Zoo", you'll find over 100 species of animals here. With so much love and attention paid to these animals you'll find them to be very friendly and engaging.

Several of our animals are TV stars and have been featured on a number of shows including the Today Show.

Come see what a giant Anaconda looks like, feed our monkeys, pet a pot-bellied pig, pick up a cute little bunny, watch a Siberian Tiger play with her best friend, a North American Black Bear. With so much to see and do, you'll understand why people call Pocono Snake and Animal Farm "the Great Little Zoo". Pocono Snake and Animal Farm

Claws 'n Paws Wild Animal Park in the PoconosClaws 'n Paws Wild Animal Park - Located in Wayne County, near to Lake Wallenpaupack, this small scale wild animal park offers many things to do including a dinosaur dig, gem hunt, animal shows, parrot feeding and much more - worth the trip with the kids. - [more]

Pocono Snake and Animal FarmPocono Snake and Animal Farm - See over 100 animals including : Siberian Tiger, Anaconda, Alligators, Emus and Mountai