Travel Essentials

Welcome to the Poconos!

Here's some essential and basic information you should know about the Poconos before you go: when to go, where to stay, what to expect...

On this site you can view pages that will help you locate the local visitors centers in the area, maps, weather info, and guides to getting around - including some scenic drives, tours and touring the Poconos.

Don't forget, the Poconos is big and it's easy to get lost - particularly with the many country roads.

Poconos: Vacation and Travel Essentials


Poconos Tours

Use this section to find out about touring the Poconos. There are tours that take you by bus throughout the region, as well as smaller scale tours by boat, train and trolley. If you like, there are even tours of the area by plane. Ready to get underway? touring the poconos

Poconos Visitor Centers

Here is a list of all the state sanctioned visitors centers. Several of which are quite large and have museum like displays of what you'll find in the area. You can get brochures, maps and pamphlets while your there as well. visitor centers in the poconos

Scenic Drives

With over 2400 square miles to cover, you'll find lots of country roads that offer scenic drives. There is even a Audubon tape available that covers the Poconos area. Make sure you've got a good road map before you venture out, as the roads are sometimes not that well marked and they go through rural countryside. scenic drives through the poconos

Poconos Vacation CyberTour

A picture's worth a thousand words. This Poconos adventure takes you through the countryside one picture at a time, so you can see what's in the Poconos from the comfort of your computer. preview your Poconos vacation with this cyberTour

History of the Poconos

Since the Poconos is less than 100 miles from NYC, you'll discover that there's lots of things that happened here during the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War. The area also has an abundance of historical sites that pertain to the beginning of the industrial revolution - including a miner's village. history and the Poconos

Maps of the Poconos

Since the Poconos cover such a large region, it's best to get an idea of what part of the Poconos you'll be visiting. I've divided up the Poconos into specific areas, each having its own personality. Also, it's not that unusual to get lost in the Poconos while your driving - especially if you venture off the Interstates. Poconos maps

Poconos Weather

The Poconos is a four-season destination. That means that it's cold in the Winter, hot in the summer and somewhat unpredictable in the fall and spring - particularly the spring. Bring clothes that are appropriate to the season and the variable conditions that you may experience. Poconos weather

Kid Stuff

Is there anything worse than a being on vacation with kids that are bored? Here's a list and links to some of the Poconos top spots to keep your kids entertained - plus some ideas that might help you out. things for kids in the Poconos

Pennsylvania Visitors Guide

The state of Pennsylvania puts out a beautiful visitors guide that separates the state into eight regions. The Poconos is one of them. Be sure to order you copy well in advance of your stay - it comes with a free road map and a calendar of events. Well worth the effort of filling out the form. get your free Pennsylvania visitors guide