State Roads and Highways

With an enormous area encompassing 2400 square miles, it's hard to imagine covering any ground at all if not by car. Public transportation may get you here from NYC or Philadelphia, but beyond that, it's not an option at all.

Several Interstate highways surround and slice through the Poconos and they are good way to cover distance in a short amount of time - of course, you'll see almost nothing from your window as trees and overpasses pass you by.

Getting Around in the Poconos

Getting Around in the Poconos

Many of the State roads and highways offer the most direct route from town to town, and are quite scenic. Watch for deer, and twisting curves and turns. They are perfect for scenic drives and should be viewed as such.

Route 209 runs from Jim Thorpe to Milford and is one of the best ways to get from north to south on the eastern part of the Poconos since there is no Interstate. The section from Stroudsburg to Milford is exceptionally beautiful.

Route 402 is the favorite route from Stroudsburg to Hawley and beyond - well surfaced, some nice scenery, few stops, many lakes.

Route 196/296 will take you from Mt Pocono north to Hamlin and all the way to WayMart and beyond in Wayne County.

Getting to Honedale can be accomplished using Route 6 from Milford, but I-84 will get you to Blooming Grove and Route 402 - then pick up Route 6. Speaking of Blooming Grove and I-84, there is a State Police barracks nearby and troopers routinely stop speeders here. Keep it slow.

Rout 390 will take you from Mt Pocono to Hawley, and has a number of twists and turns. It runs by Skytop Lodge, which is probably the nicest place to stay in the Poconos - particularly for families on the weekend.

Route 611 skirts Interstates I-80 and 380, and is mostly commercial along the I-80 portion - plenty of cheap lodging, strip malls, some interesting shopping (Candle stores, Collectibles, Fudge and Candy, Brew Pubs, etc.). Like most of the Poconos, there's a lot of good to be seen, but a fair amount of retail noise.