Pocono Country Stores

Take a step back in time, not that long ago, when folks in the Poconos were considered "country" and before the advent of today's retail giants, the famed "General Store" or "Country Store" was pretty much exclusively where the locals would do their shopping.

Several of these cultural icons still exist - even thrive. While you'll find the wide ranging display of goods, you'll also find numerous things to entertain. You see, the general store was more than just a retail outlet, it was a meeting place for members of the community.

As such, these stores carried not only a wide assortment of goods, but they also knew that their customers had different tastes and preferences. So, in many cases, the amount of inventory was phenomenal.

Poconos Shopping Guide to Country Stores

Shopping: Country Stores

Today, in keeping with that tradition, you'll find a number of Country Stores or "General Stores" - many claiming to be the "world's largest" - that dwarf the showcase of country living on display at your local Cracker Barrel.

Poconos Country Store: Country Kettle Gift and Candy OutletCountry Kettle - This gift and candy outlet in the Delaware Water Gap area of the Poconos features candles, collectibles, home decor, garden accents, a Christmas shop, and "WOW, Look at all that candy". - [more]

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